christmas day stuffing

so, i had some family members coming over for christmas day dinner. this was the first time i had ever hosted family for a big meal and i was ready to show off my culinary skills! i browsed the foodnetwork for some recipes and finally settled on one from Ina Garten – being from new england it was only typical that hers included cranberries and apples. i picked up the most scrumptious cranberries from the farmer’s market – they were from a farm outside of Boerne, sausage was spicy italian, and the apples Granny Smith. not to mention, the breadcrumbs were homemade, well ok, i didnt exactly MAKE the bread. but my grandma taught me to save all the butt-bread throughout the year (in the freezer) around the holidays you will use it to make stuffing. take it out in the am to thaw, place the piece on cookie sheets and let them toast in the oven. a quick blast in the food processor and you are good to go. dont forget to use lots of chicken stock so it doesnt dry out!
christmas day stuffing


~ by hungryinhouston on January 11, 2010.

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