grilled cheese, the right way

check out the first of many cooking demos. on the first episode adam will teach you how to perfect the grilled cheese. i know you may be thinking – grilled cheese, c’mon that’s easy. but there are some very simple and easy steps you can take to make a typical grilled cheese into a gourmet grilled cheese. find out how!!!’

oh yea – and you’ll be introduced to a great beer!

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~ by hungryinhouston on January 11, 2010.

One Response to “grilled cheese, the right way”

  1. From a fan half way across the world (Australia):

    As demonstrated by [a Chef], I threw a handful of grated cheese into the large fry pan and let it melt. Then I put my tortilla in on top and pressed it with the back of the spatula – then gave it a sharp jerk. Then TRIED to turn it over …………………and came out with a strange bent tortilla with melted cheese all over it. ( The melted cheese left over in the pan also tasted rubbery. )

    Then I heard the voice of Adam Brower stressing that packaged grated cheese should NOT be used with the toasted cheese sandwich……… but only FRESHLY grated cheese ! I had used PACKAGED grated cheese !…………………So I immediately grabbed the block of cheese and grated a bowl of freshly grated cheese – which I then threw into the frypan. Much better ! GREAT ADVICE !

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