grilling hamburgers. how do I keep them from drying out?

America loves hamburgers.  As the temperature in Houston begins to climb to the mid 70’s again, I can only think spring is soon on the way.   To me, spring means; picnics, baseball, visits to the beach, and back yard bbq’s.  All American pastimes.  And I don’t think I can have any of these memories without associating grilling hamburgers.  In this video we tackle the number one pain point we all suffer when grilling hamburgers – how to grill a burger with out turning them into dry hockey pucks.

grilled hamburger with fries topped with lettuce tomato guacamole Monterey jack cheese


~ by hungryinhouston on January 20, 2010.

8 Responses to “grilling hamburgers. how do I keep them from drying out?”

  1. Yummy! You have me majorly hankering for a juicy hamburger! Now that is what I call AMAZING! You guys are incredible! Steve was cute too. Did you cook a burger for him too? kcg 🙂

  2. Hey Adam! Great beer to feature on this one! I’m a big Stone fan myself. Have you ever had the opportunity to try a Double Bastard?

  3. Hey, what happened to the little lizard buddy that you were wearing on your shoulder?! I hope he didn’t fall into the fire!!

    Great looking hamburger–great tip on keeping the meat moist and juicy. I will definitely try that next time! Can’t wait to see how you cooked your fries!

    • Laura – no worries! It was still a bit chilly outside, so Steve (the bearded dragon) had a stunt double. A rubber lizard… who did end up falling in the fire… Stay tuned for the out take reel coming in the future!

  4. Great Video Adam. My first one to watch and i think i learned something! You explained everything really well! I also like how you gave some helpful tips on things like, the indention in the middle of the burger. Really good!

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