is that squid on your bacon?

Squid. Its not the first thing most Americans think about when deciding what to eat at a restaurant or whats for dinner. Sure you can find fried calamari at many establishments, but is that the extent of what squid is good for? Maybe. But, I happen to think squid is a nice refreshing seafood alternative. Its not too fishy nor is it heavy. It can be cooked many different ways. But most of all, I think its fun to cook! And to fuse a primarily Asian dish with American mainstream, Hungry in Houston brings you squid with BACON!

Squid Sauteed with Bacon


~ by hungryinhouston on February 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “is that squid on your bacon?”

  1. HIH makes intimidating mainstream!! squid is one of best seafood in taste and texture, but one look into their mongers bin makes me wrinkle my nose and find a butcher… never knew their little secret was so easy!! thnx guys!!

  2. Just came across your comments about this recipe on the Food Network site and want to thank you so much for showing how to clean a squid. I would never have done it without you! P.S.: I like your background music—not invasive,yet goes with the flow of your style.

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