the great gulf seafood quest

Ugh…  It’s going to be a long drive to Galveston to pick up some new furniture.  Wait a second!  We do a food blog, and Galveston and the Gulf Coast area is a mecca for fresh sea food!  Not to mention you can find some great deals.  What started as an errand turned into an enjoyable adventure…

Once we arrived in Galveston, you immediately got a sense of energetic celebration as many were out beginning the Mardi Gras celebrations.  Galveston can often be a quaint community surrounded by touristy chain restaurants, but we wanted to go for some local, yet reputable, comfort food.  We were looking for something along the lines of the features in Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  A few recommendations and a bit of research led us to Shrimp ‘N Stuff.

The storefront of Shrimp N' Stuff Restaurant in Glaveston, TX

Shrimp ‘N Stuff had all the character we were looking for in this experience.  A small, but very well kept, restaurant that lends a cozy feeling.  The menu is exactly what you would want in seafood comfort – fried everything.  …Although, I was hoping for  some raw oysters on the side this was not on the menu.  I did have in mind that I wanted to try their oyster po-boy.

Shrimp n' Stuff Oyster Poboy Popcorn Shrimp Coleslaw chicken fried Steak

Everything received was prepared perfectly.  Nothing was over cooked or over fried, and had the perfect crisp.  Oh, and the slaw was excellent.  With that said, I was really hoping for something unique and original, which was missing.  The po-boy was very good, but still just fried oysters on bread.  Again, all was well executed but missing a surprise that separated this po-boy from the other oyster po-boys.  This expectation may have come from the restaurant’s site boasting, “Zagat‘s Restaurant Survey rates us “Excellent” and says we have the “best oyster po-boy in Texas“. What kind of surprise am I looking for?  Well, it could be anything – something that screams, “this is unique” – like a slather of home made habanero pineapple pepper sauce for example.  All said, my 11 year-old son did designate this as his favorite restaurant in Galveston.  The gravy his chicken fried steak came with was quite tasty.

I would definitely go back, and judging by the crowd at an off-peak hour, many people do.  If you are looking for reliable, yet fun and easy, seafood – be sure to swing by Shrimp ‘N Stuff.  You will be satisfied.

Another stop we had to make was in League City where another errand actually led us to Kemah.  Kemah is a small town on the bay.  Shrimp and fishing boats slowly make their way up and down the channel either out to find the catch of the day or to bring in the day’s success to market.  After navigating to a small peninsula, we were then presented with several small seafood houses that not only had a fresh assortment straight from the boat, but at very affordable prices.  We chose to stop at T H Seafood.

The Mahi-Mahi and Snapper selection at T H Seafood in Kemah, TX

*just a tip – fresh fish should be red in the gills and free of cloudiness from the eyes. You can see both kinds of fresh/not-so-fresh eyes here. its important to get to know the market owner too. They can direct you to the freshest fish.

Shrimp Selections at T H Seafood Kemah, TX

Our menu this week (or maybe the next three…):

5 lb whole red snapper – $11
5 lbs of jumbo shrimp (deep water) – $21
3 lbs of mahi-mahi steaks (4) – $13

Is that not awesome?  I am sure you will see the red snapper turn up in a blog.

Before we picked up our sea treasure, we even found some time to stop by the Kemah boardwalk, filled with amusements, to take in some of the rides.  And to top it all off, we spot a local ice cream parlor called Scoops on the way out.

Hannah eating her ice cream from Scoops in Kemah, TX

An eventful day, that was enjoyed by all, enhanced by our passion for food.  If you know of any seafood deals or Galveston restaurants to try, I invite you to comment to this post and let us know.  We look forward to hearing from YOU!

Stay hungry, Houston.  We have a lot of seafood to cook for you.



~ by hungryinhouston on February 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “the great gulf seafood quest”

  1. lucky gulf coast people with such fresh abundance of seafood at super prices! love the caribbean atmosphere of shrimp and stuff! gracious; that ice cream is what flavor?! super pics… nice way to spend a weekend afternoon! …hope you find galveston bouncing back from that awful time with the hurricane….

  2. Katy’s or Sampsons in Galveston is a great market to get fresh seafood from also. Located on pier 19.

  3. I need to partake in some of this fishy goodness! I have to try that place next time we head down that direction. Any thoughts though on whether it would be safe to eat at a place like that with someone who is allergic to shellfish? We are always wary of that b/c of Michael!

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