Surf and …Tostada

Cooking all the time can sure be exhausting – especially the clean up part. Some nights you just want something simple with an easy clean up. You won’t find any frozen dinners in my freezer, no way! Those are made for the taste challenged.  I need something that satisfies my culinary cravings with minimal effort. Taco’s! Taco’s are easy – cut some veggie’s, brown the meat (I create my own season), put on a tortilla. Let’s run with that idea, but raise it up a level.

tostada topped with refried beans tomato lettuce shrimp coriander and hot sauce

Let’s get our ingredients. Well, I don’t have ground meat and I don’t have tortilla’s either…what I DO have is shrimp from our weekend outing and some tostada shells. Perfect! I put the shrimp in a bowl and add some Fiesta brand fajita seasoning, fresh cracked pepper, cumino and red pepper. I then heat up a pan, on low, and dash some olive oil in it with some fresh minced garlic. After the aroma of the garlic opens, I add the shrimp and quickly saute a few minutes on each side. On the tostada, I spoon a light layer of refried beans and top with lettuce and tomatoes. I place my shrimp on top and add coriander, fresh onion, and the secret – taco sauce from Bob’s Taco Station.

I love to take something common and change it up a little. Shrimp tostadas is a quick easy meal based on the classic taco – but gives you an unique experience and are just freakin’ good!

Stay hungry Houston, because I do.



~ by hungryinhouston on February 11, 2010.

One Response to “Surf and …Tostada”

  1. mm,mmm! that does look lovely! hungry in houston makes me freakin’ hungry in perth! scrumptiously ez! thanx HHH

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