asian influenced tuna steaks & a side of mango coleslaw

seafood is one of my weaknesses. and i love going to viet hoa and stocking up for a great price. so tonight would be tuna steaks. i knew i wanted to do something asian-y. so i started the marinade with soy sauce, brown sugar and chunks of chopped ginger. i looked around the kitchen to see if anything else made sense and i had a few a-little-too ripe oranges. hmmm, let’s throw some fresh oj in the mix.

i let the steaks marinade for about an hour.

tuna steaks marinating in soy sauce ginger brown sugar and orange juice

we then grilled the steaks to a rare/just medium. i really like them on the very pink side, with a good sear on each side.

to compliment the fish, i whipped together a home-made coleslaw. i was inspired by one of my favorite restaurants, peli peli. chef paul makes an amazing mango coleslaw, so i was out to re-create it. i picked up some dried pineapple, mango and threw in some dried cranberries i had from the farmer’s market. tossed it all with miracle whip (you HAVE to use miracle whip with coleslaw – it has that nice tangy sweetness, normally i don’t like it).  i drizzled a little lemon juice and salt and pepper of course. it was the perfect combination!! great great pairing. the soy and tang of the ginger in the fish went flawlessly with the slaw.

soy citrus grilled tuna steaks over a bed of mango coleslaw

stay hungry houston!



~ by hungryinhouston on March 5, 2010.

One Response to “asian influenced tuna steaks & a side of mango coleslaw”

  1. Lord have mercy!!
    you guys are good!!!

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