fish galore! japan’s tsukiji fish market

the tsukiji fish market and fresh sushi joints nearby was the #1 thing on my japan to-do list. so the 2nd day in tokyo, we jumped on the oedo metro line and headed that way. tsukiji is the largest wholesale fish & seafood market in the world! they sell 2,000 tons of seafood a day and make over $5.5 billion a year. the market is famous for the early morning (4am!) tuna auction, but unfortunately due to too many visitors, they close this from the public during peak vacation times.

being the huge foodie that i am i couldn’t wait to scour the aisles and admire all of the different kinds of seafood. there are 2 different sections, the inner market and outer market. the inner market is where most of the seafood is and where the processing takes place. then you typically head towards the outer market, for seafood that has already been packaged, and FRESH sushi joints. I couldn’t wait to have a sushi breakfast after admiring all the amazing fish.

here’s what we saw…

buckets of fresh seafood in tokyo

clams, eel, sea cucumber, fish, sardines, sea slugs, shrimp – you name it!

a bucket of fresh octopus, japan

fresh bright red octopus

a big slab of tuna being packaged tokyo

there were some enormous pieces of tuna being prepared and packaged for sale. i don’t think the picture does it justice but this was a huge piece.

pieces of flash frozen tuna for shipping tokyo

the pieces that need to be shipped and are not going to be sold right away are immediately flash frozen and put into trucks packaged in between huge blocks of ice. this was really cool to watch.

after a great walk around the market i was really hungry for some sushi! that’s the great thing about japan, they eat sushi for breakfast – well, and any other time of the day really. i need to move here. we stumbled upon a VERY good shop. one thing to never forget – DO NOT DIP RICE IN SOY SAUCE, EVER!. pick nigiri up with your fingers, turn it over to fish side and dip that side slightly into the sauce. enjoy!!

chef preparing sushi in tokyo near tsukiji fish market

different types of tuna nigiri and a tuna roll tokyo

this is what i ordered. i am a tuna junkie. (special tuna plate – assortment of different types of tuna, and a tuna roll.)

assortment of fine nigiri and a big piece of eel

this was what adam got – the fine nigiri plate. yellowtail, tuna, snapper, omelet, shrimp, roe the biggest piece of eel ever & tuna roll.

the fish market is a must see for foodies & non-foodies! very interesting and very delicious!

stay hungry,



~ by hungryinhouston on May 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “fish galore! japan’s tsukiji fish market”

  1. Nice marbled horse meat, stef!

  2. Just yesterday they reopened the auction to tourists…with new rules.
    But they (the rules) were all broken!

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