a grocery store rant : why i wont go to randalls ever again

for starters, i have not been a fan of randalls for quite some time. but tonight, they crossed the line. no more randalls, EVER.

heb is by far my favorite shopping experience, however, there unfortunately happens to be a randalls right outside my neighborhood so they are often the convenience run if i need a few items.

reasons why i do not enjoy shopping at randalls:

  • they never staff enough people so there are always 1 or 2 lanes open, maybe 3 in peak hours (if you’re lucky). this means each lane is always 4 – 5 deep.
  • they are expensive. compare the prices, its the truth.
  • horrible customer service
  • limited selection they don’t carry boar’s head or breakstone’s, for example

so, what happened tonight that really did it for me?

adam and i are competing in a bacon takedown this weekend, and had been given FREE vouchers from the event coordinator to pick up our bacon that we are to use for the competition. these  vouchers can be used at any grocery store. this is a charitable event sponsored by hormel. the coupon is good up to $4.49, but of course, because randalls’ prices are high, their packages were $5.69 – so this would mean, that each of my FREE bacon packages would still cost me $1.20. OK, i could live with that. i picked up what they had…19 packages, along with some other items i needed (coffee, creamer, veggies, etc.).

i made it to the front and there were 2 lanes, 1 express and 1 regular. there were 3 people in each line. i was not surprised. i got in line prepared to wait, grabbed a gossip magazine and read.

10 minutes later – ok, checkout time. the clerk was friendly. she rang me up and i handed her my coupons. “oh, we arent taking any more ‘free’ coupons, manufacturers havent been redeeming them. i will have to ask my manager.” I say, “ok, no problem, i am in a hormel sponsored cooking competion, they gave us these vouchers to get our bacon, i’m sure its fine.” manager comes over, looks at the coupon and says the has to ask HER manager. oh boy, here we go.

she came back 5 minutes later. “i’m sorry, we can’t take these, we aren’t taking any free coupons anymore”.

i honestly couldn’t believe it. they started to void the bacon and i said forget it, i wasn’t about to spend another dime at this store. i refuse to give my money to such a poor quality company. no matter how much of a hurry i am in, no matter how far the next store is, i will NOT be going to randalls ever again.

i hope all that ‘FREE’ bacon was worth losing a customer. i went to food town and they gladly accepted my coupons. and wished me good luck at the competition. 🙂


~ by hungryinhouston on May 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “a grocery store rant : why i wont go to randalls ever again”

  1. FOLLOW UP NOTE: From the event coordinator, we received this email after myself and another competitor had trouble using the coupon:

    “So 2 people texted me that they had a little trouble with store managers- one at Randall’s stonewalled, and one at Kroger’s only allowed the person to use 3 coupons…

    Happily, one contestant went straight over to Fiesta, where they had no problem at all.

    I spoke with Hormel, and they say there shouldn’t ever be a problem. they said Wal Mart is the best place to go in their book. Fiesta is also pretty cool! In fact, barring any difficult managers, you really shouldn’t have a problem anywhere. the best thing to do is get a manager before you make your purchase and explain that this is a Hormel sponsored evennt- and you are cooking at it. You can also give them my number, if there’s any guff!”

    Man, Randalls – get it TOGETHER

  2. Yup, I HATE Randall’s! You would think by now they would have better quality service but they don’t! Always understaffed and seemingly have people working the counters that don’t know anything! I agree HIH! Down with Randall’s!

  3. with managers like that, who needs customers….

    liked your happy ending!!

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