we love food, but we’re also geeks – check out the i30 project

don’t worry, hungry in houston is still in full force, but i did want to let our followers know about a new project adam started june 1st.



ipad iphone i30 project

Starting June 1, 2010, Adam Brower, an Account Manager at IDEA, will be 100% mobile. Brower will solely use an iPhone and an iPad to handle all of his digital interactions at work and home for 30 days. The i30 Project will be a glimpse into the lifestyle of being completely mobile, including its positives and negatives. With no access to laptops, desktops, tvs, or any other gadget, Brower will manage his work and personal responsibilities, as well as his leisure activities.

“I’ve been watching the change in technology and how that change has impacted society for a while, and I wanted to try this experiment to see firsthand where our digital selves could be in the coming years (or months),” confesses Adam Brower. “If our agency can harvest some interesting insight on predicted consumer behavior and limitations in technology and mobile software, our clients can reap the rewards,” continues Brower.

As an agency, we want to know and document what our society’s future could look like in the coming years as mobile devices take the lead in personal electronic sales. We also want to pinpoint the current limitations with mobile technologies to fulfill all our lifestyle and professional needs. The other finding we want to capture is how being 100% mobile will impact our human behaviors. During the project, Brower will be blogging about his experience at The i30 Project and posting updates to the Facebook Like page, as well.

About IDEA
IDEA is a nationally recognized, full-service digital creative agency serving some of the biggest brands in the world, like HP, Sony, Microsoft and Intel. As trusted partners to our clients, we carefully weave creativity and technology together to help our clients build their brands and connect with their audiences in the digital space


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